Friday, December 4, 2009

ImPrOvE MeMoRy

This few weeks I rather found myself lost the ability to learn and remember new information.Yes!I saw some techniques to improve memory from Elaine's Physiology book.Here to share this retrieval mechanisms:
1)concentrate-This may seem obvious,but paying attention increases brain activity and epinephrine levels.Thereby promoting consolidation of information into long-term memory.
2)minimize interference-Go where it is quiet!impossible la...=(
3)break down large amounts of information into smaller topics-Give yourself time review each topic and take a break in between.
4)rephrase material into your own words-Restate the information in a way that makes sense to you personally.
5)test yourself-Create outlines or diagrams.Try to define key terms before looking up their definitions.Use practice and review questions when they are available.
The 4&5 I find it useful for me.So,everytime you read try to think about it and test yourself a concept.
Short-term memory needs quick bursts of action potentials.And,by studying new material actively and repeatedly can improve long-term retention becuase it triggers additional action potential.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all my Malay friends!I could say I have been in a trance these few days.Not going back hometown and It's really lonesome as if I'm caged in a soundproof room.I vividly remembered once my friend asked me in msn chatroom,
"Do u scared being alone in your room every weekend?"
"Nah, I'm awfully lonely but I'm not afraid."I replied.
And there, she joked,"you can occupy the whole room then!"
"Lol,but can you imagine my mouth shut for the whole day?"I answered her.
Yea,just sometimes I love and need to spend time alone too,or else I might feel like there's no room for me to breath.

Frankly,before coming KL, I'm too much alone too long .But now,my solitary is warmed by my friends and my new understanding of them.Nevertheless,there is something in the nature of solitary experience that contribute to my growth of spirit.

Somehow,loneliness really reminds me that I'm created for a more meaningful friendship the moment my friends are back again.So,I can appreciate more for the time we study ,remind each other and eat togather happily!And,I've come to a greater acceptance that it's all right to be lonely too,haha.LAN subject finally came to ending and next week gonna be a tiring week ahead ,with classes from 9 to 5.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"Thank You",little I was emboldened to say,shyly and delightfully,before getting off the Rapid bus.

I can't remember why I din post it but this was the state of matters of that night,what I might said,that important Friday.I made my way back that day after hanging-out with friends at Midvalley and loaded myself with too many things!Everybody was squashed together like sardines in the bus.Yeah!my new acquaintance was this hug ,strong Malay Samaritan of six feet high,dressed in a canvas jacket and a pair of such very stiff trousers.He offered me his seat!I'm very much obliged to him.This simple kind act really impressed on my remembrance that I will never forget.And,then,I took picture of this meaningful scene =)

Today,properly,a half-holiday as my Dental Public Health is cancelled,being Tuesday and I love it so much!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MumPs!MumPs!PLeAsE Go AwAy ...

"Don't tell me the details.It's going to be fine!"I always behave in this way,thankfully I changed my attitude this time.So,I sought out some minimal information about Mumps,hopefully can cope better or whether there is little I can do to change things.Here the question to ask myself.
1.How might I infected with Mumps?
I'm sure I get infected from the droplets of coughs or sneezes while shopping at Wang Utama last Saturday or maybe touching surfaces contaminated by the mumps virus and then through the nose or mouth can cause infection too.
2. What is Mumps?
A contagious viral illness caused by Mumps virus,a negative-sense RNA virus.
3. What are the symptoms?
Headache,muscle-aches followed by parotitis (painful swelling of salivary glands located within the cheek,near your jaw line and below the ear).Oh!I felt the earache and tenderness after meal too =(
4. What are the treatments?
No specific treatment apart from controlling the symptoms with painkillers.Anyhow,there are countless medical situations in which you have no control.
Oh!Oh!Mumps...kill you before you kill me!

Friday, November 13, 2009

LiFe's LiKe ThAt.

This week was somehow felt rather busy with plenty of assignments,presentation and test.

OopSs...a terrible pain on my right mandible nagging me this whole week.I'm not sure what is this annoying microscopic infectious virus have caused me many sleepless nights,but I know I better set back my biological clock,be an early riser because I found my complexion improved after this long dormant,haha.And,this morning when I sat myself down at the library,I was touched by another seemingly story in an article-the courage of young Mac Scott ,of how he is in shock and bleeding badly,he still seemed more concerned about his parents,without screaming or moaning.Oh,I feel so bad now!I have this empathy that I cried over the phone with tears welling when I am sicked.

Something happened in LAN class on Wed have formulated my view of life though.My quote is "People,please look upon the whole big world!"Anyway,this is a secret humour with mummy.Better leave half a sentence unsaid when I have the urge to say something blunt.Although all rights and reasons are on our side,it's good to allow our opponent 3 parts out of ten.

Soon,I'm welcomed to the pleasurable results after class today-a shopping excursion at The Curve ,movie at Cineplex,gorged myself on mouth-watering food,photo taken session,and bric-a-brac for sis.For the movie "2012,we were warned"is about the story jumps ahead to 2012,it is quite nice and extraordinary,rather horrifying when see the deepening crisis of huge explosion,earthquake and tsunami engulf the whole world.The movie ends with a view of our planet showing the dramatically changed Africa continent.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday,would have the whole weekend ahead for me.What to do? better study for next week's Anatomy test.Arghh...

Friday, November 6, 2009

HaPpY 25th BiRtHdAy,SiS

Sis,5th November is your big day,
another year of maturity,
You blamed me for not wishing you just now,
more than words I could say,
And,all the time you knew it!

Jie,you making a subtle mark in my life,
So,we are here,gotta be reminded of that days for,
I think about the chocolate and toffee,
when we were small,
we tucked beneath the drawer.
Once we grew bigger,
we tumbled each other on the bed,
argued and fight,ending up like a poor slob.
But,it meant having time with you!

You are as beautiful as ever,
with the most arresting eyes,
hair the color of a dark brown plum,
Despite your huge appetite,
you are as lean as ever.

Always,you making others happy,
shrieking with innocent laughter,
with a certain calmness,
I salute you anyhow,
you remained serene in spite of all the panic.
Thousands times you gave me advice,
I felt like a child reciting a lesson last time,
but really,I felt a tapping on my shoulder now.

And now,no more dad and mum's frown on late nights out,
with a license,you are driving your own way,
taking me to gourmet restaurant in Penang ,
planning for your condominium and turning your life around,
And,I knew, you are going into a new chapter of life.

This whole poem,
I hope you would keep,
For you,my only sister,
Originally from me.
Looking forward to your merry-go-round of your 25th birthday celebration in facebook yea...

Monday, November 2, 2009


Again,I received this forwarded MSN mail from Shoun Qi,titled "Tsunami and earthquake in Indonesia is the sign of God on behalf of all Chinese victim girls in Medan!" The idle reflection of my past experience in Medan came across and so I am writing now,to let myself understand what's happen in my life right now.

Lake Tobe(atop the Brestagi hill) is the only extent of my geographical knowledge for Medan,Sumatera Utara before that.How could I describe Medan?The vast chasm separating the rich and the poor.Really,I remembered hard for lots of faces there,some helpless,some mischievous,but mostly are hopeless!

Hence,the moment I stepped into KLCC,it threw off my balance for Malaysia,this modern country with contemporary architecture that I almost forgotten that,it is the world I live,is the world I belong to!Traffic jam and polution in Medan are legendary.Yet,the odour of sweat in the Angkot,the manual flush squatting toilets in the Universitas and the buzzing of flies at the food stalls.Huh,it will only evoke my nostalgia and indelible memories of this unique experience.Yeap,the same tar road as KL ,but hardly could I forget the gaping potholes on the street with piles of litter.Nothing much for the Indonesian cuisine as I could easily find in my country too,ranging from nasi gurih,ayam penyet,risol,bakso,mee Acheh and so on...

I appreciate that I live in so much abundance.Somehow,I pretty much hate it because it is so easy to forget.I never have to worry for money,food and education.Thanks mum and dad for that...I will learn to savour the delights and mishaps with equal zest =)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn ?!?

I'm quite surprised the moment Carmen wished me!Yeap,I googled for the title.It means Happy Halloween!
Here it goes," Historian Nicholas Rogers,exploring the origins of Halloween and it is now a holiday observed on October 31, primarily in regions of the Western world.It is believed for the need to ward off harmful spirits which led to the wearing of costumes and masks.Christian mostly holds no threat to the spiritual of lives and so children are being taught about death and mortality."

I think it is likened to Ghost Festival in Chinese tradition,just that the Chinese ghost day comes out with burning incense and joss paper.I scared I will have phobia for ghost tonight off to sleep.Haha, nolah, I'm already 21,too old for such things! =P

But... isn't it sounds so sad and solemn?Did people still think for the reason behind when they celebrate this merriment?We are let into this world,we meet each other,greet each other and just wander together for a brief moment.We will grew old and one day die. Then we lose each other and disappear as suddenly and unreasonably!We are only here for a short visit?I'm now let into a wonderful pessimistic,feeling that life is just like a theater.Yea,we will soon realise that nothing lasts.All the beauty that surrounds us must one day perish too!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DaMn MaLaYsiAn StUdiEs !

Come to Mahsa, sad to say,I'm not exempted from the Malaysian studies,which is equivalent to Sejarah and Pengajian Am.So,I have to start it all over again!PLEASE!!!I dont need that!I'm already too tired of memorising a subject that have spent my entire 8 years of education.I just wonder why don't the government slot in more significant stuff for us to learn?
For today's Malaysian Studies,I have to/must present two issues in front of people: the first topic is Vision 2020 and another is ASEAN.It's quite awkward that I could feel my vocal chords become taut and the tone of my voice changed in the middle of it.Arghh! I constantly find myself with this trouble-a lump came into my throat when adapting to different situation, somehow,it's quite fine that during the presentation,no words vanished while uttering them,haha!And also,Cik Siti Maria,am quite impressed to your compliment during my Question-Answer section just now.So when look back now,I should rather treasure the progress I've made!By the way,Malaysian studies may be a good practice and training for me,learning how to analyse and express myself better now!

"Aren't you know you are smart and good-looking ?"I told myself when accustomed to different circumstances.Haha,I know it's arrogant of me but I rather be proud of myself than let them condemned me!

Isn't it a pity to see the great potentialities of highly-strung people go to waste in spite of all the intelligence they have?Life goes on, and so, a state of perfect balance and to be completely at ease with the world is what I aspired.

Monday, October 26, 2009

ThRoUgH My EyEs...

Why is she telling us/me this things?I keep reminding myself,I see and hear nothing:D...Aren't you know money without wisdom and education is meaningless?just like scenery without solace is meaningless?
yEa,not many people believe in other people's dream anymore these days.Not many people say encouraging words.No wait!too many people say encouraging stuff but a lot of it is fluff !Anyway,all the people I met there have other things to teach me as I know I can no more separate one life from another.And yet, I know my life as a commodity had just begun ,Gambette!I'm now learning how to strike a balance between being and doing these day .

Another issue: Budget 2010(a precursor to the 10th Malaysia Plan)
It's really a simple and straightforward budget.I'm overjoyed that government is going to subsudise my broadband fees.Just I doubt...A RM50 fee on credit cards and RM25 service tax on supplementary cards is pretty difficult to understand.This will more than offset dad's saving from my broadband fees.:(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A FrUiTFuL DaY =)

Well guess what for mum's came down?She bought me lots of juicy fruit in the market this morning ! Did I mention that my home is a fruit paradise?Let me tell you the fruits available in my fridge now: apple, orange ,grape, kiwi, dragon fruit, papaya, guava, pear, lemon, avocado...However,the best for me in KL now is an apple a day.Yay,fruits shown to lower bad cholesterol level, reducing risk of heart attack, natural remedy for acne, miracle cure for cancer, weight loss, improve your digestion and so on......

Thursday, October 22, 2009

1 MaLaYsiA oR EquAL MaLAysiA ?

Digi messages service will sending Indo news daily which I will hurry into a 'delete mode'. However, yesterday,it gave me a glance into the 1 Malaysia concept,asking me to vote or choose to comment on it.

Nothing much for me to say about Malaysia before that.Till then being away from home to Indonesia,has made me realise how proud I am of my motherland.There is so much difference though both are third world and developing country,not to mention here about the bibery in Medan Imigration Department=.=and blah blah blah...I realised how proud I was to be from a country that had modern metropolis like KL(my current capital,haha)and I was blessed with the thick ,lush greenery paddy field like in Alor Star(again,my birthplace).I love my country as much as I do my nasi lemak,hahaha!
Well,I do study from Pengajian Am that this 1 Malaysia national philosophy is mooted by Dato Tun Abdul Razak.But just looking at the slogan,we can roughly know it is to ensure people of Malaysia a closer unity.So,I googled it and saw 2.4 million 1 Malaysia sites flash up!Yet from websites and blogs,1 Malaysia concept is pastered everywhere.There is simply no escape!Basically,I browsed through news of politician's point of view.Here it came ...Najib declared Sept 16 as Malaysia Day,a national holiday from next year."Malaysian will celebrate two national days to commemorate the formation of the federation of Malaysia following the inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak in 1963,"Najib said.

Wow!I guess dad will probably thrilled over this if he is still not a pensioner.Or maybe very soon we will have more holidays on Chinese Mid Autumm Festival too???Basing all argument among communities,some quotes that the timing of announcement comes at a time when Anwar Ibrahim's PKR appears on the verge of collapse in Sabah&Sarawak.Well,I will just say I'm clueless in this matter,whether it is "all work and no play makes Jessie a dull girl"or in contrast,it is left for the leader to decide.I could just hope for our government to turn the slogan into action!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A BeAr hUg FoR YoU,MuMmy!

I couldn't put my feelings into words when receiving your phone call today, mum!Surprisingly,telling you are coming KL tomorrow morning by bus, personally and specially for me!
Hurrah! longing for the ikan bilis with chillies you are going to bring me as my fiery appetiser, the scarf to keep me warm from my extremely cool class,the brand-new notebook cooler to give my PC best air flow,wow!..and I know a long list of stuff going on and on...
My heart was throbbing with excitement rhythm now! A precious moment I am looking forward!
Love you bunches,mum =)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This piece of paper is showing route takes to Kamar Bookshop which I asked Ang Yee to draw on it,exactly one week went by.I can't try to get my mind off what had happened when Mabel asked about that.I had it turned upside-down, playing hide and seek in my file. The worse is I assumed my another friend had taken it.What a failure I am that day!

Why had I never remind myself of my name?...“子絮”more or less pronounced as “仔细” means careful in mandarin,either it comes so innately from my parent's hunch or they have achieved their intuitive understanding of my big weakness as whole before I'm brought into.But I'm not exactly as what my name means to be!

I'm now relate back of my painful past in Medan that I almost have forgotten.I remembered how I forgot to bring my histology assignment that I had to take little 'angkot' back hostel in order to pass it up.Huhh...I got it back finally ,but the consequence is it turned out to be my mentor's assignment!And that I had to walk a long way back hostel again!

Oh,I'm truly a girl of blurriness.As what dad and mum always said,"You are no longer a child but you aren't grown up either,you don't even know what you are doing sometimes!"That's so right...

I tend to write now so I tend to remind myself.Such things ought not to be allowed! I ought to have been more careful to let my name enabled myself.

Monday, October 19, 2009

ThE AnTiPodE Of BeInG iLL.

I'm feeling a bit fragile these few days, caught in flu because of this tinny and invisable "little germs"that appear anywhere. Ok,I appreciate it anyway! haha...just i feel how tragic it is that I had to get ill before I can truely understand what a gift it was to be healthy and alive.Yeap, if we never ill, we would probably not knowing what it was to be well.

I took this " 白花蛇舌草 " and my discomfort gradually subsided.Because of dad's greatest expounding for health and his forces of nature introduced into my home, I have this Chinese traditional medicine since my early stage stepped into this world.

My mind now came across the time when I told my friends of my decision of withdrawing studies in Indonesia..." Why don't u take MBBS? ", is always the question I encountered .What words should I simply popped out with this complex question ? Can I tell them I will give no deadly poisonuous medicine to anyone?or even I am so self-centered that I want to abstrain from deleterious and mischievous act? I could only give a vague notion ...However ,i am sure both good and bad have their inevitable place in the order of things too!

Yeap,I have this idea and concept because of my dad! He never gives up but tirelessly pursues his quest for truth.I salute you,dad! I admitted,my parents were the greatest influence on my thought, just somehow I never try to give that impression.Days before,I always considered dad as someone who spoke on behalf of something greater than himself as we do not always think alike.But now only I realised how little I know!

And,I am here, still pondering on the true meaning of life...

WrAppEd iN A TotALly DiFFeRenT WoRLd.

Time does pass fast and this is the fouth week I'm here in KL, pursuing my studies. 17th of October, Deepavali aka festival of lights,my friends are all going back,but confining in my eerie silence room on this beautiful day like this can never defeats me...haha.Having a frugal meal cooked myself just now and I would say:"hell,what was the matter with my cooking?!?". My mind now drifted back of mum's homemade food,her wholemeal bun instead of an evening out on the town and my blanket from mum's sewing machine instead of sacks.

Mahsa Uni College to me is just like heaven as compared to Universitas Sumatera Utara(USU),in terms of the up-to-date dental technology and facilities, veterans of renowned lecturer... maybe this is the stoic response to the hardship I have gone through in Medan and am now realised that that journey, in other words, is its own rewards! Yeah,I know nobody can say for sure what lies ahead for and I'm still struggling to figure what my coming life is all about, still looking for answers but so far it is of my utmost satisfactory!

Honestly, I do really love my friends here of different background, the ways they talk and act. My subtle charm to my roomie,Mabel, whom I marvelled at her determination and alertness. Carmen,my another nice buddy,had the exciting and horrendous story of her expedition ventured into Salem,Bangalore,New Delhi & Manipal of India shared with me...and how they were there for me, wandering around for hours at the bus stop just to help me get my DIGI internet modem access! Thanks you guys,I will and would value it to the end.

I know life can never be perfect.Sometimes there were tears of pain,exhaustion and frustration.But mostly there were hapiness,smiles and satisfaction too,yea... just how I look into it =D