Thursday, October 22, 2009

1 MaLaYsiA oR EquAL MaLAysiA ?

Digi messages service will sending Indo news daily which I will hurry into a 'delete mode'. However, yesterday,it gave me a glance into the 1 Malaysia concept,asking me to vote or choose to comment on it.

Nothing much for me to say about Malaysia before that.Till then being away from home to Indonesia,has made me realise how proud I am of my motherland.There is so much difference though both are third world and developing country,not to mention here about the bibery in Medan Imigration Department=.=and blah blah blah...I realised how proud I was to be from a country that had modern metropolis like KL(my current capital,haha)and I was blessed with the thick ,lush greenery paddy field like in Alor Star(again,my birthplace).I love my country as much as I do my nasi lemak,hahaha!
Well,I do study from Pengajian Am that this 1 Malaysia national philosophy is mooted by Dato Tun Abdul Razak.But just looking at the slogan,we can roughly know it is to ensure people of Malaysia a closer unity.So,I googled it and saw 2.4 million 1 Malaysia sites flash up!Yet from websites and blogs,1 Malaysia concept is pastered everywhere.There is simply no escape!Basically,I browsed through news of politician's point of view.Here it came ...Najib declared Sept 16 as Malaysia Day,a national holiday from next year."Malaysian will celebrate two national days to commemorate the formation of the federation of Malaysia following the inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak in 1963,"Najib said.

Wow!I guess dad will probably thrilled over this if he is still not a pensioner.Or maybe very soon we will have more holidays on Chinese Mid Autumm Festival too???Basing all argument among communities,some quotes that the timing of announcement comes at a time when Anwar Ibrahim's PKR appears on the verge of collapse in Sabah&Sarawak.Well,I will just say I'm clueless in this matter,whether it is "all work and no play makes Jessie a dull girl"or in contrast,it is left for the leader to decide.I could just hope for our government to turn the slogan into action!

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