Monday, October 26, 2009

ThRoUgH My EyEs...

Why is she telling us/me this things?I keep reminding myself,I see and hear nothing:D...Aren't you know money without wisdom and education is meaningless?just like scenery without solace is meaningless?
yEa,not many people believe in other people's dream anymore these days.Not many people say encouraging words.No wait!too many people say encouraging stuff but a lot of it is fluff !Anyway,all the people I met there have other things to teach me as I know I can no more separate one life from another.And yet, I know my life as a commodity had just begun ,Gambette!I'm now learning how to strike a balance between being and doing these day .

Another issue: Budget 2010(a precursor to the 10th Malaysia Plan)
It's really a simple and straightforward budget.I'm overjoyed that government is going to subsudise my broadband fees.Just I doubt...A RM50 fee on credit cards and RM25 service tax on supplementary cards is pretty difficult to understand.This will more than offset dad's saving from my broadband fees.:(

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