Friday, December 4, 2009

ImPrOvE MeMoRy

This few weeks I rather found myself lost the ability to learn and remember new information.Yes!I saw some techniques to improve memory from Elaine's Physiology book.Here to share this retrieval mechanisms:
1)concentrate-This may seem obvious,but paying attention increases brain activity and epinephrine levels.Thereby promoting consolidation of information into long-term memory.
2)minimize interference-Go where it is quiet!impossible la...=(
3)break down large amounts of information into smaller topics-Give yourself time review each topic and take a break in between.
4)rephrase material into your own words-Restate the information in a way that makes sense to you personally.
5)test yourself-Create outlines or diagrams.Try to define key terms before looking up their definitions.Use practice and review questions when they are available.
The 4&5 I find it useful for me.So,everytime you read try to think about it and test yourself a concept.
Short-term memory needs quick bursts of action potentials.And,by studying new material actively and repeatedly can improve long-term retention becuase it triggers additional action potential.