Monday, November 2, 2009


Again,I received this forwarded MSN mail from Shoun Qi,titled "Tsunami and earthquake in Indonesia is the sign of God on behalf of all Chinese victim girls in Medan!" The idle reflection of my past experience in Medan came across and so I am writing now,to let myself understand what's happen in my life right now.

Lake Tobe(atop the Brestagi hill) is the only extent of my geographical knowledge for Medan,Sumatera Utara before that.How could I describe Medan?The vast chasm separating the rich and the poor.Really,I remembered hard for lots of faces there,some helpless,some mischievous,but mostly are hopeless!

Hence,the moment I stepped into KLCC,it threw off my balance for Malaysia,this modern country with contemporary architecture that I almost forgotten that,it is the world I live,is the world I belong to!Traffic jam and polution in Medan are legendary.Yet,the odour of sweat in the Angkot,the manual flush squatting toilets in the Universitas and the buzzing of flies at the food stalls.Huh,it will only evoke my nostalgia and indelible memories of this unique experience.Yeap,the same tar road as KL ,but hardly could I forget the gaping potholes on the street with piles of litter.Nothing much for the Indonesian cuisine as I could easily find in my country too,ranging from nasi gurih,ayam penyet,risol,bakso,mee Acheh and so on...

I appreciate that I live in so much abundance.Somehow,I pretty much hate it because it is so easy to forget.I never have to worry for money,food and education.Thanks mum and dad for that...I will learn to savour the delights and mishaps with equal zest =)

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