Monday, October 19, 2009

ThE AnTiPodE Of BeInG iLL.

I'm feeling a bit fragile these few days, caught in flu because of this tinny and invisable "little germs"that appear anywhere. Ok,I appreciate it anyway! haha...just i feel how tragic it is that I had to get ill before I can truely understand what a gift it was to be healthy and alive.Yeap, if we never ill, we would probably not knowing what it was to be well.

I took this " 白花蛇舌草 " and my discomfort gradually subsided.Because of dad's greatest expounding for health and his forces of nature introduced into my home, I have this Chinese traditional medicine since my early stage stepped into this world.

My mind now came across the time when I told my friends of my decision of withdrawing studies in Indonesia..." Why don't u take MBBS? ", is always the question I encountered .What words should I simply popped out with this complex question ? Can I tell them I will give no deadly poisonuous medicine to anyone?or even I am so self-centered that I want to abstrain from deleterious and mischievous act? I could only give a vague notion ...However ,i am sure both good and bad have their inevitable place in the order of things too!

Yeap,I have this idea and concept because of my dad! He never gives up but tirelessly pursues his quest for truth.I salute you,dad! I admitted,my parents were the greatest influence on my thought, just somehow I never try to give that impression.Days before,I always considered dad as someone who spoke on behalf of something greater than himself as we do not always think alike.But now only I realised how little I know!

And,I am here, still pondering on the true meaning of life...


  1. Better days ahead, hope you get well soon.

  2. There always be something that we never realized.
    Best wishes to you.


  3. Sometimes,life is really unpredictable...Thanks for your wishes yea...^.^