Friday, November 13, 2009

LiFe's LiKe ThAt.

This week was somehow felt rather busy with plenty of assignments,presentation and test.

OopSs...a terrible pain on my right mandible nagging me this whole week.I'm not sure what is this annoying microscopic infectious virus have caused me many sleepless nights,but I know I better set back my biological clock,be an early riser because I found my complexion improved after this long dormant,haha.And,this morning when I sat myself down at the library,I was touched by another seemingly story in an article-the courage of young Mac Scott ,of how he is in shock and bleeding badly,he still seemed more concerned about his parents,without screaming or moaning.Oh,I feel so bad now!I have this empathy that I cried over the phone with tears welling when I am sicked.

Something happened in LAN class on Wed have formulated my view of life though.My quote is "People,please look upon the whole big world!"Anyway,this is a secret humour with mummy.Better leave half a sentence unsaid when I have the urge to say something blunt.Although all rights and reasons are on our side,it's good to allow our opponent 3 parts out of ten.

Soon,I'm welcomed to the pleasurable results after class today-a shopping excursion at The Curve ,movie at Cineplex,gorged myself on mouth-watering food,photo taken session,and bric-a-brac for sis.For the movie "2012,we were warned"is about the story jumps ahead to 2012,it is quite nice and extraordinary,rather horrifying when see the deepening crisis of huge explosion,earthquake and tsunami engulf the whole world.The movie ends with a view of our planet showing the dramatically changed Africa continent.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday,would have the whole weekend ahead for me.What to do? better study for next week's Anatomy test.Arghh...

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