Monday, October 19, 2009

WrAppEd iN A TotALly DiFFeRenT WoRLd.

Time does pass fast and this is the fouth week I'm here in KL, pursuing my studies. 17th of October, Deepavali aka festival of lights,my friends are all going back,but confining in my eerie silence room on this beautiful day like this can never defeats me...haha.Having a frugal meal cooked myself just now and I would say:"hell,what was the matter with my cooking?!?". My mind now drifted back of mum's homemade food,her wholemeal bun instead of an evening out on the town and my blanket from mum's sewing machine instead of sacks.

Mahsa Uni College to me is just like heaven as compared to Universitas Sumatera Utara(USU),in terms of the up-to-date dental technology and facilities, veterans of renowned lecturer... maybe this is the stoic response to the hardship I have gone through in Medan and am now realised that that journey, in other words, is its own rewards! Yeah,I know nobody can say for sure what lies ahead for and I'm still struggling to figure what my coming life is all about, still looking for answers but so far it is of my utmost satisfactory!

Honestly, I do really love my friends here of different background, the ways they talk and act. My subtle charm to my roomie,Mabel, whom I marvelled at her determination and alertness. Carmen,my another nice buddy,had the exciting and horrendous story of her expedition ventured into Salem,Bangalore,New Delhi & Manipal of India shared with me...and how they were there for me, wandering around for hours at the bus stop just to help me get my DIGI internet modem access! Thanks you guys,I will and would value it to the end.

I know life can never be perfect.Sometimes there were tears of pain,exhaustion and frustration.But mostly there were hapiness,smiles and satisfaction too,yea... just how I look into it =D

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