Friday, November 6, 2009

HaPpY 25th BiRtHdAy,SiS

Sis,5th November is your big day,
another year of maturity,
You blamed me for not wishing you just now,
more than words I could say,
And,all the time you knew it!

Jie,you making a subtle mark in my life,
So,we are here,gotta be reminded of that days for,
I think about the chocolate and toffee,
when we were small,
we tucked beneath the drawer.
Once we grew bigger,
we tumbled each other on the bed,
argued and fight,ending up like a poor slob.
But,it meant having time with you!

You are as beautiful as ever,
with the most arresting eyes,
hair the color of a dark brown plum,
Despite your huge appetite,
you are as lean as ever.

Always,you making others happy,
shrieking with innocent laughter,
with a certain calmness,
I salute you anyhow,
you remained serene in spite of all the panic.
Thousands times you gave me advice,
I felt like a child reciting a lesson last time,
but really,I felt a tapping on my shoulder now.

And now,no more dad and mum's frown on late nights out,
with a license,you are driving your own way,
taking me to gourmet restaurant in Penang ,
planning for your condominium and turning your life around,
And,I knew, you are going into a new chapter of life.

This whole poem,
I hope you would keep,
For you,my only sister,
Originally from me.
Looking forward to your merry-go-round of your 25th birthday celebration in facebook yea...

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