Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MumPs!MumPs!PLeAsE Go AwAy ...

"Don't tell me the details.It's going to be fine!"I always behave in this way,thankfully I changed my attitude this time.So,I sought out some minimal information about Mumps,hopefully can cope better or whether there is little I can do to change things.Here the question to ask myself.
1.How might I infected with Mumps?
I'm sure I get infected from the droplets of coughs or sneezes while shopping at Wang Utama last Saturday or maybe touching surfaces contaminated by the mumps virus and then through the nose or mouth can cause infection too.
2. What is Mumps?
A contagious viral illness caused by Mumps virus,a negative-sense RNA virus.
3. What are the symptoms?
Headache,muscle-aches followed by parotitis (painful swelling of salivary glands located within the cheek,near your jaw line and below the ear).Oh!I felt the earache and tenderness after meal too =(
4. What are the treatments?
No specific treatment apart from controlling the symptoms with painkillers.Anyhow,there are countless medical situations in which you have no control.
Oh!Oh!Mumps...kill you before you kill me!

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