Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DaMn MaLaYsiAn StUdiEs !

Come to Mahsa, sad to say,I'm not exempted from the Malaysian studies,which is equivalent to Sejarah and Pengajian Am.So,I have to start it all over again!PLEASE!!!I dont need that!I'm already too tired of memorising a subject that have spent my entire 8 years of education.I just wonder why don't the government slot in more significant stuff for us to learn?
For today's Malaysian Studies,I have to/must present two issues in front of people: the first topic is Vision 2020 and another is ASEAN.It's quite awkward that I could feel my vocal chords become taut and the tone of my voice changed in the middle of it.Arghh! I constantly find myself with this trouble-a lump came into my throat when adapting to different situation, somehow,it's quite fine that during the presentation,no words vanished while uttering them,haha!And also,Cik Siti Maria,am quite impressed to your compliment during my Question-Answer section just now.So when look back now,I should rather treasure the progress I've made!By the way,Malaysian studies may be a good practice and training for me,learning how to analyse and express myself better now!

"Aren't you know you are smart and good-looking ?"I told myself when accustomed to different circumstances.Haha,I know it's arrogant of me but I rather be proud of myself than let them condemned me!

Isn't it a pity to see the great potentialities of highly-strung people go to waste in spite of all the intelligence they have?Life goes on, and so, a state of perfect balance and to be completely at ease with the world is what I aspired.

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