Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This piece of paper is showing route takes to Kamar Bookshop which I asked Ang Yee to draw on it,exactly one week went by.I can't try to get my mind off what had happened when Mabel asked about that.I had it turned upside-down, playing hide and seek in my file. The worse is I assumed my another friend had taken it.What a failure I am that day!

Why had I never remind myself of my name?...“子絮”more or less pronounced as “仔细” means careful in mandarin,either it comes so innately from my parent's hunch or they have achieved their intuitive understanding of my big weakness as whole before I'm brought into.But I'm not exactly as what my name means to be!

I'm now relate back of my painful past in Medan that I almost have forgotten.I remembered how I forgot to bring my histology assignment that I had to take little 'angkot' back hostel in order to pass it up.Huhh...I got it back finally ,but the consequence is it turned out to be my mentor's assignment!And that I had to walk a long way back hostel again!

Oh,I'm truly a girl of blurriness.As what dad and mum always said,"You are no longer a child but you aren't grown up either,you don't even know what you are doing sometimes!"That's so right...

I tend to write now so I tend to remind myself.Such things ought not to be allowed! I ought to have been more careful to let my name enabled myself.


  1. Tragedy....
    Hope you can really be careful next time.


  2. They aren't happened accidentally.Yeap,must get myself more alert,thanks ...=D