Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"Thank You",little I was emboldened to say,shyly and delightfully,before getting off the Rapid bus.

I can't remember why I din post it but this was the state of matters of that night,what I might said,that important Friday.I made my way back that day after hanging-out with friends at Midvalley and loaded myself with too many things!Everybody was squashed together like sardines in the bus.Yeah!my new acquaintance was this hug ,strong Malay Samaritan of six feet high,dressed in a canvas jacket and a pair of such very stiff trousers.He offered me his seat!I'm very much obliged to him.This simple kind act really impressed on my remembrance that I will never forget.And,then,I took picture of this meaningful scene =)

Today,properly,a half-holiday as my Dental Public Health is cancelled,being Tuesday and I love it so much!

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  1. Ha, absolutely i know your feeling of that crowd bus.
    Thats the same problem in any big city in our home country(i think you're Chinese).
    I had already bear that for more than 10 years.
    And seems you also met something sweet,
    the happiness you wrote,the happiness i read.